New violins and violin repair

Bow re-hairing and repair

Wecome to my violin-making workshop!

I have new fiddles available for you to play and try out.

Please call me at 207-322-7329 to arrange a visit.

“I’ve been playing for 50 years and this violin is the first I’ve truly loved – and it gets raves from all who listen to it. And my Linden violin is just a beauty to look at!” H. McLaughlin, Massachusetts

“I am thrilled to be playing one of your beautiful instruments!” – E. Gawler, Maine

“I couldn’t be happier with my Linden Frederick violin. It has a dynamic voice that enhances whatever I wish to play – whether a sultry waltz or a raucous reel.” – W. Clemetson, Maine

“My violin’s sound has become sweeter and fuller in the months since I got it – it’s a relationship I hope to work with for a long time!” – G. Ronson, Maine

“What a gift it is to finally have a fiddle that feels like my own voice – thank you for all the heart you’re putting into these instruments.” – E. Tischler, Maine

“I love my Linden Frederick violin! It’s beautiful, easy to tune, and retains its tone longer than any violin I have every played.” – S. Higgins, Maine

“I’m always smiling when my Linden violin is under my chin!” – M. Thiessen, Tennessee